Our Vision


Our company came together through a common passion for beer and a life-changing shared experience at Queen’s University. After meeting at Queen’s and graduating in 2013, Ryan, Cord, Donald & Robbie were inspired to launch this company with a vision to shake up the craft brewing scene – they had a vision to forge beers with the highest quality ingredients that could be flavourful & distinctive, while still being extraordinarily smooth & easy-drinking. They wanted to do this in a way that would put beer lovers first and contribute positively and sustainably to the communities that supported them.


The connection between Naughty Otter and Queen’s University is ingrained in the fabric of everything we do, and it is as a result of this connection that the founders had a desire to give back to the school in order to help Ontario students in a position of financial need be able to have the same transformative experience at Queen’s as they did.

In 2016, we established the “Queen’s ’13 Brewers Award” at Queen’s University. The company has made the commitment to contribute 1% of all sales to fund this award, indefinitely. The award will be given on an annual basis to an entrepreneurial-minded, high-achieving high school student in Ontario from a family of financial need. This award will make a meaningful difference in opening up the opportunity to have a university experience for a student who might not otherwise be able to.

The Future

As our company grows, with your support, we hope that this award will one day be able to fund dozens of deserving students with financial need each year.

Read more about the award on the Queen’s website here: